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I have worked with many heavy hitters over the years drummer's including Carmine Appice when I was in King Cobra, so for me to say that Lee's pocket is incredible saying something. Every time we perform together I can feel the pulse and energy with immense intensity which for me shows Lee's ability to keep and set the stage for myself and any group of musicians he performs with.

Mick Sweda

Founder of the Bullet Boys/King Cobra/Lies Decite and Trechery

Lee is the exact type of drummer that you want in your corner as he is diligent, loyal and will always give his performance everything he's got. WFL III Drums is proud to have him on our artist roster. 

Bill Ludwig III

WFLIII Drums Founder (former CEO of Ludwig Drums)

Lee was recommended to me by some good friends of mine.  I needed someone who could step in at a moment's notice, learn my set up and watch me like a hawk during the set. Lee did all of this and more. Every professional touring drummer understands that their tech is the person which enables them to have the fantastic experience of becoming lost in the music without worrying about the gear in any way. This is the experience that Lee gave me. When I played a hometown show at the Palladium, Lee made sure my gear was in excellent sounding and operating condition and then let me enjoy the night hanging out with family, friends, and the industry folks who came to see us. I can't recommend working with Lee highly enough!

Kelly King

(King Leg, David Cook)

Quality Drummer, Quality Pocket, Quality Dude.

Austin Chandler

(Alice Wallace Band, Mark McKay)

For Lee, there's nowhere to go but UP. His ability to adapt, create, and carry a positive attitude, make him a hell of a force in the music world."

Sean Richard Winchester

(Buckcherry, Josh Todd and The Conflict)

Lee is one of the most professional players I know. He takes every gig serious and he’s a well rounded drummer that can play various of different genres. I personally recommend him for any gig. He will be prepared and 100% ready! 

Antonio Geary

(Drum Tech for Brian Faisier-Moore: Drummer for Madonna & Justin Timberlake)

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