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All is included but not limited too!


-Atlantic Crossing- The ultimate tribute to Rod Stewart 


-Jeff Kollman (Cosmosquad/Glenn Hughes)

-George Pajon Jr. (Black eyed Peas/

-Mick Sweda (Bullet Boys/King Cobra/Lies Deceit and Treachery)

-Brandon Paul (Bobby Kimball of TOTO)


-David Yuter (Gavin James)

-Danny Hechter (Bad Flower)

- Harry Ostrem (Dizzy Reed of Guns N Roses)

-Alex Cole



-Desert Tundra

-Jimmy Burkard (The Moby Dicks-All Star Led Zeppelin Tribute)


-Liz Wiegard


-Classic Yellow 


-Atomic Blond


-Andrew Cole 


-Steve Mcgrath (Billy Idol)


-Danny Kastner


-Tili Tills Band 


-Louie Bello


-Buddy James and The Warriors 

-Two Towns Entertainment

-Boston Symphony Orchestra 


-New Bedford Wind Ensamble


-Lyra Chamber Orchestra 


-Long Beach Chamber Orchestra


-Prison For Kids 

-Steve Memmelo

-Walter Ino (Egles of Death Metal/Survivor)

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